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All of these symptoms are indicators that the normal curves of your spine have changed, adding extra load to your muscles, discs and joints. Posture is defined as how your body holds itself against gravity naturally, without muscular effort. Good postural alignment means that a line should fall from your ear down to the shoulder, hip, knee and ankle.

Prolonged sitting at a computer and the use of devices has greatly increased the stress on our spinal curves. Other factors like stress, sleeping position, core weakness and ergonomics can also contribute to these changes.

Much like a poor wheel alignment in your car, when the alignment of your spine is changed different areas will begin to wear unevenly. In the body this can lead to tight, stiff muscles and loss of range of motion in the beginning. Over time, poor biomechanics in the spine can increase the chance of disc and joint degeneration.

Safe and gentle chiropractic adjustments to the spine and nervous system will help to restore normal alignment and relieve the pressure on the supporting muscles, joints and discs. When this happens it will feel easier to adopt better posture. This can positively affect the way we breathe, walk, sit and perform day to day activities.

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