Neck Pain & Shoulder Pain

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Neck and shoulder pain is extremely common and can negatively impact our quality of life and ability to complete the most basic daily tasks.

Common causes of Neck and Shoulder Pain

Common causes of neck and shoulder pain are poor spinal function, posture and ergonomics, muscles tears and strains, instability and weakness. Over time the body can start to compensate causing other issues such as headaches or back pain.

By assessing the underlying cause, your chiropractor can perform safe and gentle adjustments to the spine and joints around the shoulder to help restore appropriate function. This can lead to an increase in range of motion and a decrease in muscle spasm and pain.

Some people can be concerned about the “cracking” of the spine. While it is very effective, it is not always indicated or preferred. Your chiropractor will discuss this with you as other light force techniques are available that also offer effective results. You may also be given exercises, stretches or other lifestyle recommendations to improve the speed at which you recover.

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Meet Dr Mimi (Chiropractor)

Dr Mimi is committed to helping her clients heal and get the best results possible. With a broad knowledge in many different chiropractic techniques, Dr Mimi works to find the best approach for each individual.

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